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Thermal Remediation for Bed Bugs

Bedbug thermal remediation is the best way to eliminate a bedbug infestation quickly and efficiently. In a lot of cases it is also a lot cheaper than providing a chemical program if you factor in your personal time and your preparation requirements plus the items that may have to be thrown away. In most cases treating bed bugs by using heat will also eliminate the risk of spread to another unit or another room. It’s commonly called heat treatments since 2005. During this period of time we have learned a lot about thermal remediation and we feel there is not a better program out there at this time.

Let’s take a look at why we say a bedbug thermal remediation exterminates bed bugs quickly. Some of the main issues that were currently having with bed bugs is that they are highly resistant to the pesticides that are available on the market right now. They have achieved this resistance through changes in their bodies ability to process pesticides making them inert, as well as changes in their exoskeleton which actually allow them to slough off pesticide residues. In addition the egg, and they lay between three and five eggs per day, is highly resistant to pesticides. And this is the reason why when we are providing chemical programs we typically stagger are programs out for 30 days and treat every two weeks. This refresher chemical addition is designed specifically to attack newly hatched nymphs. Whereas if you’re using bedbug thermal remediation to eliminate bed bugs we’re actually in essence hard boiling that egg. And we say that it’s efficient because it kills the entire cycle. It kills everything from egg to adult. Another reason why we state that it’s very efficient is because since bed bugs are attracted to heat there’s more of a chance that they will move towards the heaters rather than heading out the door or through a crack in the wall.

Now we say that thermal remediation for bed bugs cost are as affordable or even cheaper than chemical programs. The main reason we say that is because of the time involved in the process of eliminating bed bugs through a chemical program. First of all the prep for a chemical program is quite extensive that includes laundering your clothes and drying them at high heat. You then have to place these items in a sealed plastic bag and you are not allowed to return them to your drawers for the length of the treatment. In addition everything in the closets on a hanger has to be dry cleaned. Also take into account that if the infestation has gotten into the couch, the stuffed chair, the mattress, the box spring in most cases these have to be thrown away. Whereas thermal remediation for bed bugs can all be cooked in place totally eliminating the infestation in one treatment. Voilà you have your life back!

Heat treatment for BedBugs

Heat treatment for BedBugs involves the use of heaters to bring the ambient temperature of a home or apartment up to or higher than 140°F. Typically the temperature ranges between 135°F and 150°F. The cook time varies depending on construction characteristics such as what the floors and walls are made of as well as the level and type of contents that the dwelling holds. But in most cases it runs between 3 to 5 hours. The temperatures are typically checked every 15 to 20 minutes as well as the movement of fans and furniture to ensure that there are no hot or cold spots during the heat treatment process. In addition during heat treatments for BedBugs there are wireless temperature monitors placed throughout the structure. This allows the operators to make sure that there are no areas that BedBugs or their eggs survive.

There are different ways of providing treatment for BedBugs. Some companies use glycol-based heaters. Others use propane-based heaters. Some is electrically-based heaters usually tied into an external generator due to the fact that most apartments or homes do not carry sufficient current to supply these large heaters, and there are those that multiple plug systems that will draw ams from your home. It is not necessarily the type of heat treatment equipment that is used but the knowledge and experience of the operators. We have been providing heat treatment for BedBugs since 2005. Initially there were few other companies in the Northeast providing the service. Now there are quite a few. So how do you know which heat treatment for BedBugs is best? I think the first thing that is important to do is to get references. Experience counts when it comes to cooking a home or an apartment. The next thing is to make sure that you get some type of warranty. Anyone can walk in heat your home for a couple of hours and leave. What you need is some type of guarantee that what they did during the heat treatment for BedBugs eliminated everything. So make sure you have either a follow-up canine inspection or they’re putting down some type of bed bug traps such as a climb – ups to ensure that you are absolutely free of BedBugs. With my company you get a minimum of 30 days even if you’re in an apartment building (60 Days for a private home) along with a follow-up canine to make sure that you are clear. We built a reputation based on doing good work and doing honest work. Now some companies will state that there is no way that they can warrantee the work that is being done because you could bring back BedBugs from your place of work, or your car, or maybe you brought them out of the house with you when you left and brought them back in you came home.

Now while this could be true but if you are properly advised on the proper methods of preparation and you’re getting a full instruction list on what to do when leaving the chances of this occurring is very low. So in most cases heat treatment for BedBugs is effective with only one visit. So make sure you check the references, make sure you get everything in writing, and make sure you contract with reputable and honest company and voilà you will get your life back.